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What are the advantage for us to use the Non Woven Face Mask

In the past, We rarely see a woman wearing Nonwoven Face Mask,and now a woman wearing face masks can be found everywhere. Disposable face mask, it seems to be a middle-aged woman in some organ of the body, all the time can not be separated.  Masks are necessary for doctors and nurses to work. Winter comes, some girls wear Disposable Protective non woven face mask in order to prevent dust and microbial better.  Various industrial waste gas adsorption to be so serious now, with the increase of PM2.5 concentration, people suffering from respiratory and cardiovascular systems the risk of disease risk will increase.  In the fog days Non Woven Disposable Dust Mask to protect the respiratory tract, so we should protect our friends and families before air quality improved.

Disposable face masks involved relates to the food industry.  Viruses often easily to be transmitted through food, when you wear a Non Woven Face Mask for Food Service ,it is not only for protect themselves but also to protect yourself, also to reduce the spread of virus diseases.

Some manufacturing or processing industry and other plants, most likely to occur dust, dust into the respiratory tract and these will appear on everyone's safety problems, but also has a great effect on the lungs. Through the use of Disposable Dust Mask  can prevent the dust into the respiratory tract to avoid the generation of various diseases.

From the point of health, after used must be throw away. So Disposable non woven face mask will be quite important. Disposable masks are not reusable, typically used for 6-8 hours need to be replaced.  And both sides of the mask can not be used interchanged, since the outer layer masks tend to accumulate a lot of dust in outside, bacteria and other contaminants, while the inner layer blocking the exhaled bacteria, saliva.  If both sides are used interchanged, they will infected some dirt and other substances directly close to the mouth and nose, which would enter the body through the respiratory tract, affecting our body health.



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