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A good pair of shoe covers are necessary

The biggest feature of disposable shoe cover is easy to use and a wide range of applications, about different materials the corresponding function is also different, non-slip, anti-static and dust. And the price relative to the non-disposable shoe covers are much cheaper, but also easy to handle, especially non-woven shoe can be natural degradation.

Rainy Day the girl who loves a clean can take a few in small bags inside,  going out on the beautiful shoes, it can also be used to ride in the rainy season and  waterproof rain. Easy to use, one-time use, but also can be reused!

Simple household dust of the factory configuration. Suitable for household cleaning, eliminating the trouble of changing his shoes in door, you can put straight. Also apply to the electronic and pharmaceutical factory without having to take off your shoes embarrassment of guest guests.


Product desciption
1. Solved: visitors have to take off their shoes, when guests had left every time you must wash out door mats and floor!

2. Prevention: the private slippers into the public slippers, eliminate hidden dangers of cross-infection caused by the spread of beriberi!

3. Reduce: constantly cleaning mop troubles, and after cleaning (due to water not dry) can not come in trouble, home cleaning (such as mopping the floor) without having to repeat the cleaning, can effectively maintain a clean interior!

4. Improved: shoes made of unpleasant smells and pollution of indoor environment

5. Avoid: when family and friends come for the socks worn or foot odor caused binding and embarrassment

6. Eliminated: remove distant visitors take off their shoes finicky, without understanding the owner's troubles



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