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How to celebrate Christmas in china?

Christmas is considered to be the Western Holiday, now began to gradually popular in China. So, how do you know the Chinese Christmas?

1. Send Apples

Christmas traditions is still young in China, but as same with China for hundreds of years to absorb and adapt many foreign customs, Christmas in China contains  more and more Chinese characteristics. Such as in the Christmas Eve,  "Christmas Eve apple" are passing  in people's hands quietly . Christmas Eve to send "Christmas Eve apple"  only popular in China.

2. Enjoying

The way people treat Christmas like Valentine's day. In other words, it is a day that makes people feel happy. People go out to meet with friends instead of spending time with their families as Westerners.

Typical ways to celebrate Christmas include watching movies, singing or shopping. Christmas Eve is the most important shopping time in the year. Young couples regarded it as a romantic day.

3. Blessing

When Christmas approaching, when people open the computer, always receive some enthusiastic users about Christmas blessing, one by one illustrations, euphoric vocals electronic greeting cards, people in the gradual warming winter feel strange warmth.

Indeed, Western culture in China has been turned into a squally showers by the breeze, the most direct and concentrated expression is that the Christmas in china quietly rising and increasingly popular.

4. Shopping

Every Christmas, and shopping malls, restaurants, hotels are putting up Christmas trees and hanging banner celebrating Christmas. Employees wearing little red riding hood,the kindergarten children revolves around singing and dancing in front of the Christmas tree and expecting the teacher distributed the Christmas. On Christmas Eve, restaurants packed and exclusive hotel's Christmas party must be packed, a large shopping mall will open all night.

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