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What's the difference between Gowns with Coverall

Gowns the protecing clothing avoiding blood, bodily fluids and other infectious substances also they are always used to protect patients from infection.

Gowns should be replaced once a day. If the disposable gown is not contaminated or damaged can not be reused. Do yo know what environmental conditions required to wear gowns.

1. When entering the strict isolation ward

2. Checks require special isolation of patients, work clothes may be secretions, excretions, blood, body fluids contaminated

3. Easily lead to hospital infection in patients with diseases and the need for special isolation of patients

Coverall is mainly to prevent heat radiation and the role of chemical pollutants damage the skin and into the body. In modern work environment, staff will always be flames, heat, molten metals, corrosive chemical products, mechanical processing as well as some special for danger.

For these risks, special protective clothing is needed to protect the whole body.  The types of protective clothing are contains Dust-proof clothing,  Antivirus  product, Chemical protective clothing, Waterproof clothing.  Special working clothes according to the work environment of dust and poison suits and chemical contaminated clothing, heat-resistant, radiation suits, anti-static clothing.

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