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Raw material prices is the most important reason for rising paper prices

In 2016 the carton industry, "price surge" can be described as "pull one hair and the whole body is affected".  Not only the major carton factory miserable but also affected the downstream customers.  A number of cosmetics brand agents admitted that in recent months  a number of brands in the terminal are out of stock.  The reason most associated with the cartons are in short supply.  It's hard to go back of the paper price.

This year's paper price increases are mainly raw material prices and market changes lead , environmental regulation and other factors are secondary. Environmental wind swept the tight supply of paper industry.  The number of paper mills shut down, inevitably lead to tight supplies of the original paper.  In addition, the state to implement environmental control, which means that the cost on the run increase in environmental protection for paper mill and lead to paper prices rising.

But since this year coal,  waste paper used for making paper increase are the main reason for the rising of the papermaking.  For skyrocketing prices of paper products,  a business account Director said approaching new year many brands intended to increased the amount of orders and packaging materials is also an essential part.  It can not be reduce packaging materials standards of the rising price or reduce order quantity.

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