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Polyethylene Materials lead the healthy lifestyle of the food industry

With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more attention to health problems in daily diet. We often  see the waiters wearing disposable gloves to deal with the work, it both health and hygiene. The role of gloves is to separate the hands and food, so it is more hygienic. Because the hands constantly touching money, food, items such as door handles and taps,and where there is a possibility of a disease-causing Microbe. Polyethylene is the most affordable glove material and is used in the food service industry. 
Polyethylene is a polymer that is synthesized from ethylene and a thermoplastic that is formed into various shapes as it cools from a liquid state to a solid state. Polyethylene with a waterproof, anti-oil, anti-bacteria, acid and alkali-resistant features. Polyethylene according to the polymerization method, low and high molecular weight polyethylene, chain structure are difference. Polyethylene contains (LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE)LDPE,(HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE,) HDPE,(LINEAR LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE)LLDPE.  PE gloves are a single-use gloves which are polyethylene LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE blown film pressed.
HDPE is the harder form of the plastic,compare with LDPE and LLDPE it has high temperature resistance, oil resistance, resistance to steam penetration and environmental stress cracking resistance,in addition to electrical insulation and impact resistance and cold performance is very good, mainly used in blow molding, injection molding and other fields.
LDPE is thinner, less opaque than HDPE and used to make plastic grocery bags, dispensing bottles and disposable gloves. It is a flexible and tough material though not as durable as other glove materials. LDPE is a non-leaching plastic in its natural state. This means it will not release unwanted chemicals into food, which is mainly used in plastic bags, agricultural films.
Poly gloves are made from low-density polyethylene. LDPE is a non-leaching plastic in its natural state.This means it will not release unwanted chemicals into food.So it are suitable for the food service industry. 
PE embossed pitted disposable plastic gloves made of polyethylene blown film. The surface bump processing can prevent adhesion, which can be mixed with both hands, wear comfortable and durable for one-time use. Good grip firmly extract is indeed not easy slide. Some gloves to replace high frequency industry,PE film gloves not only prevent cross infection but also can greatly reduce replacement costs.  

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