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Widely used and Development Prospect of polypropylene Nonwovens

Nonwovens (Non Woven Fabric or nonwoven cloth), also known as non-woven cloth. It is made of directional or random fiber, and also is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials.  Features with moisture, breathable, flexible, light, non-combustion, easy to analyze, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, low prices, can be recycled and so on.  

Non-woven products made of  polypropylene pp material as raw material by high-temperature melting, spinneret, paving, hot coiling continuous production from one step. Due to the appearance and performance like cloth, so we called it cloth.

If placed in an outdoor natural decomposition of the materials, the maximum lifetime for only 90 days, within a room within 8 years decomposition, nonpoisonous, harmless, so as not to pollute the environment when burned, So called it environmentally friendly.

Non-woven products in line with FDA food-grade raw materials production, excluding other chemical composition, stable performance, non-toxic, no smell, not to stimulate the skin. Products by sterilization, sterile, nontoxic, can effectively prevent cross-infection. Widely used in the food industry, health protection. Soft polypropylene non-woven beard mask, the sleeve covers with both ends elastic for general use purpose,nylon invisible hairnet for food industry. Mob Cap made from 100% soft polypropylene non-woven elasticated head cover with single or double elastics.

Non-woven products are still widely used in health care. With the national population aging trend, non-woven fabric industry will have a good momentum of development in the future. On one hand, facing the aging of population growth, health care and social services will be faced with tremendous pressure, thus driving the consumption of medical and health materials.

Elderly people spending on medical supplies is also a fairly large number. Supplies in basic protection requirements become larger, particularly disposable face masks, surgical gowns, surgical caps and so on. These expanding needs will result in health care materials inflation. At present, the raw materials of disposable medical and health materials are mainly from nonwovens,  non-woven fabrics industry will be driven in disguise development.


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