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The differents of powder and powder free vinyl gloves

Powder gloves and powder-free gloves are convenient for wear off. Powder gloves in the production process to add the cornmeal,so as not to stick together. Due to powder gloves in the of corn starch easily attached gloves on the soluble protein. It is very easy to make allergic to natural rubber allergies, and no powder gloves are generally treated with chlorine, is not easy to cause allergies  and no powder gloves General used chlorine processing, not easy caused allergy.

Powder gloves are used for the food industry, powder vinyl gloves and more for the electronics, medical industry. powder free is mainly used in clean and clean environment, the environment itself as little as possible dust, so the need for powder.Powder gloves and powder-free gloves are not prone to allergies can be used to wash dishes.

In some cases, the wearer may find themselves unable to easily put on the gloves. Water may be the key causes of the problem.If the wearer's hand is not dry,they are hard to wear gloves.  An example from the automotive industry: when the weather is warm,if the technician worked in auto shop,sweat will accumulate in their palms. Wearing gloves for them may be very strenuous. However, there are powder gloves can solve this problem. Can make it easier for users to wear off.
Another option is the use of polymer coating processing production of powder-free gloves, it can replace the powder gloves, easy to wear, while reducing the glove surface adhesion.

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