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Do you know the Origin of disposable glove

Do you know when and how the common disposable glove come from? Disposable glove from a person's eyesight began to help his wife at the time of surgery to prevent rashes on the hands.  There are many advantages for the disposable glove not only ensure the doctor's hand flexibility but also enhance the enviroment!

In 1889, William Steward Halstead became founder Dr John Hopkins Hospital's chief surgeon. His nurse, and his wife, Caroline Hampton (Caroline Hampton) from surgery to deal with chemicals found in skin rash. In search of a solution, Halstead hands to the Goodyear Rubber Company produced rubber glove. It was so successful, and soon his entire staff to wear gloves during the operation.
For long time clinical staff turn out that  the disposable isolation the blood by the function of the disease.

Five years later, in 1894,  Joseph Lister became the first  surgeon to sterilize his surgical tools, dressings and gloves with carbolic acid, This triggered a thought, led to the practice of antiseptic surgery listeria and the beginning of creation.

In 1992, along with the growing concern of HIV, occupational health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has issued the bloodborne pathogens standard. Disposable prevent cross-contamination between caregivers and patients. This standard requires employers to provide employees with personal protective equipment, including disposable gloves to avoid contact with fluids. OSHA is still need to wear gloves in many applications and industries, which is why gloves today.

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