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Coated film non-woven and the Laminating non-woven fabrics

Laminating non-woven fabrics and Coated film non-woven fabrics are designed to make non-woven fabrics produced waterproof effect, because of the different production process, the final results are not the same.

First, the Coated film non-woven cloth use the equipment to melt the plastic, and then sprayed on the surface of non-woven fabric. The advantages is the fast production, low cost.

Laminating non-woven fabrics are produced by the PE film and non-woven fabrics in high-temperature equipment for composite production(PE Laminated Sleeves), the thickness of the two materials can be determined by the material.

Second, see from the color point. Coated film non-woven are made of the film and non-woven fabric formed. See the surface of the production products there is obvious small pits, Laminating non-woven fabrics for the finished composite, smoothness and color see better for the Coated film nonwoven.

Third, the coating non-woven fabrics in the production, after plastic melt and adding an anti-aging agent of the technical cost is too high, commonly used in the coated non-woven fabrics rarely add inhibitor, so that in the sunlight, aging speed faster. Since the PE film used by the peritoneal nonwoven cloth has been added to the inhibitor before production.

Laminating process is widely used in the finishing process of food packaging surface. As the Laminating recycling products need to be sorted for processing, regeneration process is more complex, high production costs.

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