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Disposable PE aprons

PE Apron has passed the food safety certification, more hygienic, safer and healthier! This product uses the new raw material production, the transparency is good, the rally is strong! Durable!
Disposable sanitary Pe Apron, made of non-toxic and tasteless polyethylene material. For food processing conditioning, dyeing hair, nursing and washing, cleaning, hospital work, oil prevention and treatment, medicine, kitchen, housework. Can prevent dirty clothes when eating, low price,A variety of colors for customers to choose,easy to use, hygienic, cheap. Suitable for family and hotel kitchens.
One-time, waterproof, oil, acid, alkali safety, non-toxic, environmentally friendly food processing, the use of LDPE low-density polyethylene material, surface has concave or flat, bright color, transparent, uniform thickness, easy to wear, comfortable.
Product Features aseptic, disinfection, embossed non-slip applicable range of food, and widely used in restaurants, hotels, home kitchens, beauty salons, hospitals and other According to customer requirements OEM.

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