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Polyethylene Glove and disposable glove

PE Disposable Glove is Made from polyethylene material which are 100% latex free and provides a high wearing comfort and is suitable for food protection. Made from exceeding FDA requirements for food contact. PE Glove material gauge strikes just the right balance between touch sensitivity and effective barrier protection.
Our Disposable Glove with its embossed surface features a good grip and is economical in use. These poly gloves are famous for being inexpensive and loose fitting for short term wear. Combined with proper hand washing procedures, utilizing the use of disposable gloves can shield against cross contamination and help protect food by providing a barrier of protection between hands and food. PE Glove loose-fitting form factor is designed for rapid donning and removal. Single Use Only Polyethylene Glove are great to use when cleaning up your kitchen or other janitorial tasks around your operation.
Disposable PE Glove are reliable performance for short-term use applications when frequent glove changes are required. Not recommended to be used around heat or hot surfaces.  Our poly glove apply for the food service industry such as fast food locations, Food Sampling,Handling Pastries, delis, Pre-Portioning, Fast Food, bakeries, Bakery or cafeterias. 

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