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poly apron

Polyethylene  aprons are made from high-quality virgin material that withstands chemicals, fats and oils without taking a toll on flexibility. Style with Heavy Weight, Embossed.  Embossed texture provides non-cling comfort. 
Edge Type is Straight come with attached self-ties to make them easy on and easy off—no hassle trying to thread the tie through loops. Because they are made of polyethylene, there is no latex to trigger sensitivities.
Dimensions: 28-Inches x 46-Inches
Performance Light Duty
Dimensions: 28-Inches x 46-Inches
thickness:1.25-mil and 2.0-mil
Closure Type Back Tie
PE Apron Material are Poly impervious to fluids and deliver waterproof protection in the non-toxic workplace.  Versatile design comfortably fits most users. Disposable material allows  fast, simple cleanup after use. 
Disposable polyethylene aprons are ideal for food handling applications, food processing industries; businesses using paint, degreasing or cleaning agents, and more!

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