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microporous coveralls are made from microporous laminate material

Disposable protective microporous coverall are made from microporous laminate material. Disposable coverall pe laminate protection against non-hazardous particles, light liquid splash and aerosols in many industrial applications. Elastic wrists and ankles helps prevent paint and other light liquids from getting through the coveralls. Protects the worker from contaminants entering through the wrist and ankle areas
Microporpus coverall with Excellent durability helps to keep coverall suit comfortable even in hot environments. When you wear coveralls, you can also wear with face mask and disposable glove and also can effectively decrease the potential for cross-contamination in pandemic response activities.  
These garments are great for use in general maintenace,painting,lead and asbestos abatement, environmental work, food processing, weatherization work, mold remediation, where protection from overspray and splash of non- hazardous liquids is needed, manufacturing and industrial environments.

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