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Microporous coverall with high tensile strength and flexibility

Disposable protective clothing is made of spunbonded polypropylene material, disposable, protective clothing and more for the isolation between the human body and the environment, coverall also can block the penetration of liquid pollutants on the human body to play a protective Role, but also can be used as isolation clothes or isolation clothes.
Microporous coverall for high tensile strength and flexibility. The disposable coveralls Excellent comfort and breathability meet the FDA requirements for handling food in both the manufacturing and packaging phases of production. 
Non-woven material provides barrier protection against particulates, aerosols and non-hazardous liquids resistant.  As superior strength and proteciton Breathable Barrier Coverall with Individually Wrapped. Protective clothing structure, with anti-infiltration function, good air permeability, high strength, high hydrostatic pressure characteristics, mainly in the industrial, electronic, medical, chemical, anti-bacterial infections and other environments.
product structure:
1, protective clothing  hood for ease of head movement, jacket, pants form a one-piece structure.
2, reasonable structure, easy to wear, with a tight site.
3, cuffs, ankles, hats face elastic rubber shut.
The purpose of this accessory is to provide basic barrier protection to help protect the footwear from light liquid splashes or harmful dust.

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