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Disposable pe glove for new materials and recycled materials

Disposable gloves have played a role in various industries. Medical, food, household and other health protection use, hairdressing used, medical examination only. 
Disposable pe glove are various. so how do people decide which gloves can be used to grab food? It is understood that disposable gloves are mainly made of polyethylene plastic, and there are two kinds gloves of new materials and recycled materials on the market.
The new material is non-toxic and odorless, and the gloves produced are highly transparent, have no odor, good quality, clean and sanitary; Recycled materials produced disposable plastic film gloves, the transparency is not good, dark, unsatisfactory sanitary conditions, low prices. 
How to identify the two materials of gloves? You can touch the disposable gloves with your hand when you use it. 
You can use your hand to touch the disposable gloves. The gloves are lubricated without non-toxicity. otherwise toxic. Or you can grab the end of the disposable plastic film gloves with your hands and take a hard shot. You can hear clear sound,the crisp sound is poisonous, on the contrary is toxic.

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