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Which is better for food use Powdered vinyl glove or Powder Free vinyl glove

Disposable vinyl gloves are polymer disposable plastic gloves and are the fastest-growing products in the protective gloves industry. The reason why medical staff and food industry service personnel look for this product is because PVC gloves are comfortable to wear, flexible to use, do not contain any natural latex ingredients, and do not produce allergic reactions.
In order to reduce the risk of powder contamination of the product, it is better to wear the powder free gloves food operators. Powder-free gloves are mostly used in the food industry. Powder pvc gloves are used in electronics and medical industries.
The powdered vinyl gloves are added with corn flour. First, it is necessary to join in the production process. In the glove surface attached to a small amount of corn powder. In order to keep the gloves smooth, but also to prevent the gloves sticking together, It is also facilitate to wear. It is important to note that corn flour is good or bad. Powder-free is mainly used in a dust-free clean environment, and its environment is as dust-free as possible, so it needs no powder.
Disposable PVC gloves have the following features:
1, PVC gloves do not contain amino compounds and other harmful substances, no allergic reactions to human skin.
2, PVC gloves do not contain silicone oil components, have a certain antistatic properties.
3, PVC gloves have superior chemical resistance, resistance to a certain degree of pH.
4. Gloves have good sealing ability and can effectively prevent dust from being emitted to the outside.
5, PVC gloves are very thin, human hand design, wear comfortable, not tight.
6, PVC gloves have super elasticity,puncture-resistant, not easy to break.

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