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Outdoor expansion activities

This week, our company organized a collective Outdoor expansion to enhance understanding among various departments, enhance the spirit of teamwork. Ease the work pressure of employees, at the same time cultivate the ability of all aspects, such as organizational ability, Execution ability, etc., to stimulate everyones creativity. The event is mainly to develop the staffs team awareness, further strengthen the companys cohesiveness, but also to create an opportunity for employees to get close to nature.
Purpose of the event
There is a famous saying that planting ideas, receiving actions, planting actions, harvest growth.
Plant growth, receiving fate. Provide employees with a space and platform to enrich their spare time, feel the charm of nature, and experience the spirit of unity and cooperation. With this activity as a medium, we will strengthen exchanges among employees, show our talents, broaden our horizons,  so that all aspects can be comprehensively improved and developed.
Activity significance
Mountain climbing is an outdoor sport, you can enjoy the fresh air and bright sunshine. It is a very pleasant thing for all the staff to climb mountains together. Everyone climbed the mountain and chatted while enjoying the beautiful scenery, which made everyone open-minded.  
Some people say that climbing mountain can cultivate people's brave spirit. Through this mountain climbing activity, everyone has made significant improvements in the following aspects. Recognize your potential and enhance self-confidence; To overcome difficulties with perseverance. Understanding the role of the group, enhancing the sense of participation and responsibility for the collective, improving interpersonal relationships, and working more harmoniously with the group.

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