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Ten years of departure, Hundred years of Guohong

January 27, 2019, is a memorable day, Anhui Guohong Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd ushered in a 10 year old birthday. At the important time of the companys 10th anniversary, our company held the 10th anniversary ceremony with the theme of "10 Years of departure, 100 Years of Guohong" at Howard Johnson Tech Center Plaza Hefei. In order to witness the growth of ten years, report the results of the decade, sum up the experience of ten years, Cohesion of the company. Therefore, we invited the old employees who made important contributions to the companys development process, the companys cooperative customers and the family members of the company to gather together to celebrate the companys 10th birthday.

Ten years, in the long river of time may be just an moment, ten years, may be just a fragment on the road of life, However, Guohong is indeed our youth with boundless sensation.  In the past ten years, you and I have witnessed the company's growth from nothing, from small to large, and also witnessed our youthful transformation.


At the beginning of the ceremony, the company's chairman first reviewed the achievements of the past ten years, including watching the company's 10th anniversary promotional film.  In the development of the second decade, the company emphasized that it should focus on "creating value for customers."

Guohong went forward step by step, accumulate bit by bit and achieved gratifying results. Guohong’s ten years of wind and rain have been inseparable from the unselfish efforts of every employee. 


The general manager started with his own experience and shared with us the ten year management path of the company, so that the staff members can clearly see how the international company's ten-year history has become standardized and toward lean.

The ceremony was planned and performed by the company's staff. In the form of reviewing the film, live description, singing and dancing.  Wit the guests recalled the company's first decade from the beginning, rapid growth, reputation, and magnificent. And with vitality and passion, it shows the company's employees' determination and determination for the future. The whole event is profound, positive and beautiful, and fully demonstrates the style and talent of Guohong people.

Over the past decade,guohong has provided a platform for us to grow.

We are grateful to Guohong. For being a member of this collective family. We feel indefinitely honored.

We wish guohong a happy 10th birthday.

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