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Chinese Embassy Donates N95 Mask to Manila City Government

The Chinese embassy on Tuesday donated 1,000 pieces N95 masks to the Metro Manila government after volcanic ash of Taal Volcano affected the residents and the price of face masks soared. 
Manila Mayor Isko Moreno personally received donated N95 masks from Chinese embassy officials at the city government.
"Students and the elderly will be given priority when distributing masks," Mr Moreno said. "
The Chinese embassy said that the masks purchased from China should have been distributed to its office staff, but chose to transfer them to the Manila city government after reports of a shortage of masks.
On Monday, Manila's deputy mayor, Honey Lacuna said some people had complained that the Price of N95 masks in some stores had risen from 25 pesos to 30 pesos. It rose to 200 pesos.
The Ministry of Health has previously advised people to wear N95 masks to prevent inhalation of smaller dust particles, such as ash from the volcano Taal.

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