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Disposable lab coat

SMS Disposable Lab Coat With Knit Cuffs and Collar.
Disposable Lab Coats for Adults Medium are made of low-linting anti-static and splash-proof polypropylene non-woven fabric, 100% latex free, lightweight but still durable to wear hour after hour, and assure comfort.
Disposable White Coats design including knitted wrists and knitted collar which are soft and stretch enough to create a closed barrier, knee length, and two pockets that serve as storage of your handy working tools and other personal belongings, a simple 4-snap front closure works well and it makes lab coats easy to put on and off.
Lab Jackets for Men and Women are made for long-lasting durability and dependability, which are sturdy enough to be reused multiple times. Lab coat protects against splashes and sprays or dry particles, while also keeping you cool and comfortable for extended periods.

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