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PE Glove

Disposable poly gloves are our most economical gloves. These Plastic Gloves Disposable are made of high-quality Polyethylene material. Strong and made to handle any situation, you’ll be in the utmost safety and comfort with a pair of these.
This glove has a loose-fit design for easy on-and-off applications and is especially useful in food service lines, deli counters, and other high-volume applications. 
Our clear PE Gloves are available in high-density, low-density, cast poly, and a new stretch hybrid version that is also available in blue. Perfect for any messy projects you might have; including cooking, kitchen cleaning, or crafts.
Textured high-density polyethylene with strong seams for durability
One size fits all
Complies with FDA food handling requirements.
100 gloves per dispenser

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