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The Non Woven Face Mask Comes From Our Company

Our company named Xinyuan is one of the most professional suppliers of disposable personal protective products, which mainly produce and exports disposable protective clothing, such as Disposable Coveralls, Non Woven Face Masks, Dust Masks, PE Aprons, PE Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, PE Sleeve Covers, Shoe Covers etc.. Products are mostly used in Labor Safety, Laboratory, Cleanroom industries. The markets spread to over more than 33 countries and regions.


But here, we mainly introduce one of our representitive product, the non woven face mask. This kind of product is mainly made of non woven, which a new material and eco-friendly and widely used in many fields. And this kind of face mask have some features such as:safe utilization, comfortable to wear, skin-friendliness and perfect stitch.


Non woven face mask offered by us is widely used by people working in various industries like construction, mining and casting to protect the respiratory tract. All these products are made of high quality fabrics for complete safety and immunity of medical professionals. Choose our disposable non woven face mask product. Best quality and best price we can guarantee.

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