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Simply Use The Disposable Apron

Are you tired of flimsy plastic aprons and thin cloth aprons that let stains soak in? Try this disposable poly apron. This durable, abrasion resistant apron seals out even the smallest particles of food, liquids, and grease to keep your clothing and skin clean. This apron is so durable that it's almost impossible to scratch or tear. Then when you're done, simply throw it away. Once you try our poly apron, you'll never go back to the thin plastic aprons again! Great for use in the kitchen, lab, work shop, and more!


Disposable aprons are designed for adults. Easy-to-use apron slips over a man's head and ties in behind their back. Apron is made of polyethylene and meets our exceeds standards. Great way to protect clothing. Disposable, white polyethylene apron is ideal for any food service employee. Not only that but using disposable aprons in food prep will keep things cleaner and prevent contamination from outside clothing. This type of apron is a must have for butchers, grocers and for behind the counter at the deli. The durable polyethylene will resist ripping to protect clothing. This apron is a great choice for foodservice or institutional use.


Provide protection against tears, punctures, liquid spills and splashes. Polyethylene Disposable Aprons are useful for painting, cleanup, serving food, maintenance or protecting clothes while doing any light labor that does not involve harmful chemicals.

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