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The Main Properties of Non Woven Face Mask

Non Woven Face Mask is made from non woven cloth. This new non woven face mask has main properties as followings :


(1)Deodorization, gas defence, bacteria filtration and dust prevention etc.


(2)It is especially suitable for some areas with organic gas, acid, pesticide, pungent gas (SO2, Cl2) and has excellent effect on deodorization and gas defence.


(3)It can effectively prevent floating dust smaller than 5μm which conventional gauze mask cannot make any effect and each kinds of bacteria spreading through respiratory apparatus. So it is suitable not only for doctors, nurses, patients and so on but also for those who work in chemical industries.


2 Ply non woven face mask Ear Loop are micro-shield barriers for the mouth and nose providing protection for both the user and surrounding people.They are suitable for surgery, health inspections, polluted environments, and even for everyday use in conditions where the user or bystanders require protection for the mouth and nose.


High quality construction, non-woven, water resistant materials, and adjustable nose pieces give wide range of face masks a soft, breathable and comfortable wear. Used by professional surgeons and dentists.The disposable non-woven surgical face masks we supply are used in hazardous situations such as hospital, dental practices, etc. Offering superior levels of protection choose from a wide selection of face masks and face protection.

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