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Another Head Protector Used In Food Industry Hiarnets

Hairnets provide an ideal means of achieving hygiene standards.Can be worn alone or under other headwear. Knotted, metal free.Size and colors can be customized. Hairnets are essential for keeping hair out of the way, especially when working with food. Hair nets also offer protection in industrial applications. Comfortable elastic band keeps nylon mesh hair net snugly in place.


A hairnet, or sometimes simply a net is often worn by food service workers to prevent hair from contaminating food. Hairnets provide the perfect and economic solution to guarding food from contamination by stray hair and the organisms that it carries. Hairnets should fully cover the wearer´s entire hairline and be worn below the ears. Reliance on headwear that does not cover all the hair is certainly unwise.


The hairnet represents the latest advancements in detectable hairnet and contamination prevention technology. The unique patent pending design of the Hairnet is constantly working to hold the head of hair and hold hairs flat to contain hairstyles of all lengths.


disposable hairnet

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