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Disposable Bouffant Cap Lightweight And Economical

Bouffant Caps Bouffant Cap, manufactured from a lightweight, spunbonded polypropylene material, provide maximum comfort, are cool and latex-free.The sewn elastic band offers maximum protection through a snug fit.


A bouffant cap, which resembles a bag with an elastic band around the rim, is used for keep stray hair in and contaminants out. The bouffant cap is commonly found in cleanrooms, medical profession, food preparation, and other situations where it is necessary to avoid loose hairs. The protective cap is very popular for use as an economical workplace head covering.


Economically priced bouffant caps for every application. Simply slip over the top of the head to protect hair. They also prevent hair contamination in food, drug or other processing areas. Generously sized to fit comfortably over the head and can be worn all day long. Anti-static. Priced 1,000 pair per case.

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