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Wholesale Best Disposable PE Sleeve Fair Price Ensured

Disposable PE sleeve/Arm Protectors have an impervious outer layer over a soft inner layer and are ideal for high-level fluid protection where infectious agents are a concern.


Select our PE sleeve Protectors for High Level Strike-Through Barrier Properties When Working with Infectious Diseases, Paint, Inks, Sprays, Chemical Dusts, Asbestos, Solid Airborne Dusts, Meat/Poultry and Other Non-Oil Based Liquids. Drive Compliance to Higher Levels-Ask for a Sample Today!


Disposable arm sleeves are made entirely of strong, flexible PE plastic. Use these plastic arm sleeves to completely protect sleeves and skin from fluids, chemicals, oils, and other contaminants. Great for industrial and food service applications. Elastic rings at both openings of the arm sleeves stretch to comfortably fit individuals of all sizes. Can easily be worn over short-sleeve and long- sleeve scrubs and shirts.


Our oversleeves are made from a high quality polyethylene (CPE). With concealed elastic at the wrist and elbow, they offer a secure and comfortable fit. Designed to offer splash protection and ensure hygiene standards are met in a variety of medical and healthcare environments.

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