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Shoe Cover Basic Protective Accessory

This kind of shoe covers are lightweight and of value for use in general purpose environments or for visitors to your facility. The non-conductive, shoe covers provide a moderate barrier to fluids, particulates and contamination. Disposable Shoe Cover is also made with polypropylene material to repel liquids and protect against punctures and tears.


Disposable plastic shoe covers are an inexpensive convenient way to keep carpeting and floors protected from outside grime. Resists water, dirt and mud. One size fits all. Great for use in dirty areas, this is the perfect disposable shoe cover for your protective needs.


These non woven shoe covers are made with a high performance, anti-skid sole that offers the ultimate in slip and fall protection on both wet and dry floors. The sole material is also extremely clean, durable and strong enough to withstand even the most abrasive floor surfaces. Shoe covers provide full coverage up through the ankle area. Available in two colors (white and blue) to support specific departments and four sizes to ensure a proper fit. Different thread colors offer easy size identification. With serged seams.

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