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Customized Bouffant Cap We Can Produce

Do you need a low cost way to contain hair on the job? Disposable bouffant caps are the affordable solution to your problem. Bouffant caps are made with polypropylene which is a lightweight and breatheable material for worker comfort. The polypropylene is solid fabric unlike the nylon netting of hairnets, which ensures all hair stays where it should. Bouffant caps are ideal for food handling, cleanrooms, medical facilities, and other contaminate controlled areas. Bouffants come in a variety of sizes and feature an latex free elastic band.


Ideal for preventing hair from falling where it is not wanted. The double stitched elastic band keeps the hat flat and comfortable on the forehead. Disposable caps for covering hair. Used throughout the food processing, dairy, freezing works and medical industries.Non-woven polypropylene with elastic band for secure and comfortable fit.


This disposable bouffant cap is perfect for use as a hair net for the food industry, or anywhere protection from hair is required. Bouffant cap apparel offers users great comfort, as well as protection for many non-hazardous environments. The lightweight spunbound polypropylene fabric of Bouffant cap is breathable, to help keep workers cool and comfortable in a wide range of work situations. For light-duty protection against dirt particulates.


Available in blue & white color, our caps are checked on the basis of various industry-defined parameters. Hence, our customers widely demand the caps for comfortable fitting. Have It Right Now

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